Hit And Run Accidents

A Rochelle Park, New Jersey teenager was killed in a hit-run accident by a van driver with a revoked license, as reported by the NJ Post in January, 2012. The driver fled but the police in the vicinity after a chase were able to apprehend the driver. The driver may be defendants in a personal injury lawsuit for negligence.

Further, if the driver was working at the time in his employment, his employer may also be vicariously liable. If the owner of the vehicle was the employer, they may be liable regardless assuming the driver had permission to use the vehicle. If the driver was never caught, the family of the teenager may have had their civil remedies limited to MVAIC, the corporation funded to offer minimal liability coverage to hit and run victims.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause devastating injuries or death and sometimes a civil lawsuit is the only remedy. While the driver in this case may be subject to criminal prosecution because he left the scene, the majority of motorists despite their negligence and harm they cause are not subject to criminal prosecution. You should always consult with an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney who practices motor vehicle accident litigation if injured from a car, bus, truck, or motorcycle accident.